How to redirect and rewrite URLs with an Htaccess file?

On this article, we will be explaining how you can use .htaccess file to redirect your URL and how you can protect the back end of your CMS Sites like, WordPress and Joomla.

So whether you are new or experienced to web hosting, if there is a need to change the configuration of your website running on an Apache web server - with or without root access to server configuration files - and you want to use an .htaccess file to make those requests, then the guide below may help you.

But what exactly is .htaccess file?

"An .htaccess file is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers, used for the configuration of website-access issues, such as URL redirection, URL shortening, access control, and more. The 'dot' before the file name makes it a hidden file in Unix-based environments." - Wikipedia

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5 Passive Income Ideas You can use to make money online

When you're struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, striving towards minimizing your overall living expenses - bringing more money into the household should definitely be on your to-do list.

While minimizing your expenses can be as simple as nixing fast food or moving to a smaller apartment, it's often the "making more money" part that's most daunting.

The truth is that you can stop struggling to get by. Soon, you'll be able to take your spouse out for a nice dinner and still afford to pay your bills on time.

Building a passive income online is your ticket to financial security, especially now that Covid19 has affected just about any offline business around the world!

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How to change the URL of a Joomla Website

Very often, we are contacted by clients who ask us to change their old URL to a new one in their Joomla sites.

In this article I am explaining how you can do just that the best way possible in a few steps.

You may need to do this, for example, if you migrate an existing Joomla site to a new server and the site doesn't display correctly, or because you just want a different domain name for your site.

Whatever the reason may be, the following steps are just what you are looking for.

So it doesn't matter if you are using Hepsia cPanel or cPanel, as long as you are able to locate "File Manager" and "phpMyAdmin".

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Why your site needs a SSL Certificate and Why you should use SSL Checker

Just to name a few benefits

SSL Certificates Secure the Transfer of Data. Its important to secure data that is submitted to your web server from your users, especially if that data is sensitive in nature.

An SSL Certificate has SEO Benefits.

SSL Certificates Earn Your Users Trust.

In other words, an SSL Certificate is nowadays a must have, not only for a respected online shop, but also for any website at large. SSLs are widespread on web pages where users sign in to a backend area. Even Google has also openly confirmed its preference for websites whose traffic is redirected to HTTPS.

But even with those recommendations and the benefits SSL Certificate may bring to a site, many site owners are just not interested in having it installed in their sites.

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How do I change my URL in WordPress and Why is it so Important to check for broken Links

You can easily change the Site URL for your WordPress page any time you want, but there are a few important adjustments that must be made before making the switch.

Steps to follow:

1. Change WordPress URL in WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  1. After downloading all your site files to your local PC and then moving them to your new URL, you will need to log into your WordPress Dashboard as an administrator.
  2. Next, you will click on Settings from the menu, and then General. …
  3. Then you will enter the new (URL) Addresses on the two fields as shown below.
  4. The next step will be to scroll down the page and click on the Save Changes button.

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